Friday, 8 August 2014

Pet Portraits - Rat Pack

My housemate and I share a slight rodent obsession... Whilst having breakfast and watching Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge the other morning we had all of our rats out to play!

Lizzie has three girls, a greedy Russian blue called Bolts, a mellow black rat called Nimbus and a little grey hooded mischief maker called Zinc. Then we have my two girls, Kaylee the fawn hooded with ruby eyes (who I've drawn previously) and River the powder blue dumbo. 

With all five rats running around I felt inspired to do a portrait of our little family!

I am currently open for commissions so if anyone would like a portrait of their pets (anything from cats and dogs to snakes and snails, it doesn't have to be a rodent!) then drop me an email at:

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