Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pet Portraits - Kaylee the Rat!

Since I'd had a bit of practise drawing rodents of late I'd been meaning to draw my pet rats as their namesakes. A while ago I got round to drawing one of my pair, and now I'm finally getting round to blogging it!

Firstly let me introduce you to my 'lil Kaylee! She's a champagne hooded, ruby eyed rat, currently 6 months old! She's named after Kaywinnet Lee Frye from Firefly!

So I have drawn her in Kaylee's trademark overalls, sporting her paper parasol and sat atop a strawberry, which as anyone who watches the show would know, Kaylee is rather partial to!

I used Copic Markers to colour this piece and as always took progress photos from each stage. I'll blog those up at a later date as I have done before, so if you want to know how I coloured that strawberry keep an eye out!

I am actually very keen to start a Pet Portrait commission going, wether it be a straight up drawing of your beloved pet or a caricature as this one is, based on their name or temperament. 

If anyone is interested then please drop me an email: sara-dunkerton@hotmail.com 

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