Monday, 7 April 2014

MULP - Pre-orders, Reviews and more MULPy news!

Hey Everyone!

There's been a lot going on in the world of MULP since my last post, if you've been struggling to keep up with the news lemme give you a bit of a digest post right now!

Firstly we've had the first couple of reviews come in!

FPI Blog Review

Over on the Forbidden Planet International Blog, Richard Bruton has kindly written a lovely review of our first issue. On the structure and pacing of the comic he said;

"The issue fair flies by, setup quickly passes to action, a shooting, a crash, intrigue, secrets, ancient artifacts, a femme fatale, musclebound goons, a mysterious evil genius lurking in the shadows… oh yes, a lot in here. And because Gibbs and Dunkerton guide us through so well, it’s both fast and involving, each page loaded with information, but only rarely straying into exposition, and even rarer that the exposition feels as though it’s detrimental to the pacing."

Geek Pride Review

Daniela from the Geek Pride Blog has also reviewed our comic an made a lovely comment on the hidden details and the character design;

"One thing that caught my eye from the first page (other than Acorn Airways, which instantly hooked me), was the attention to detail when it came to the design of the characters. There are no two mice alike, even if they are nothing more than background characters. Each has its own distinguishing features, despite them belonging to the same “mice” family. I mentioned the attention to detail already, the fact that it’s obviously something they’ve given a lot of thought about and all I can add is that I love the way they’ve managed to make the story come to life, every panel seamlessly moving to the next one. The art is beautiful and the colours are fantastic, keeping with the tone of the tale. Kudos Sara Dunkerton!"

Thank you both so much for the lovely reviews!

Free 12 page preview!

Now, if reading those reviews has you wanting to see the comic for yourselves then you're in with some luck! We've released a 12 page preview of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun online for you to read for free!

Pre-order your own copy!!

MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issue #1 is being released on the 7th May and is available to pre-order with the kind support of the following shops:

Gosh! (London) - via their email:
Travelling Man (Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, York) - visit their store page

Stay tuned for more news in the lead up to the release date and the launch at Bristol Comic Expo!

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