Monday, 4 November 2013

Abe Sapien - First attempt at using Copic Markers!

After much contemplation, dithering, excitement and investigation, I recently decided to invest some Ciao Copic Markers!

I have given myself this week to properly try them out, experiment with colour and practise a few techniques, and hopefully produce a few pretty pictures along the way! All of which I'll share with you on here!

So the subject of my first attempt at using copics is Abe Sapien, from Dark Horse's Hellboy and B.P.R.D!


  1. Love it. Abe's one of my favourite characters, both in comics and films. You've done him serious justice.

    1. Cheers Iain, I wanted to draw him how I liked to see him best, combining the mackerel like markings on his body and fish eyes from the films with the classic BPRD utility belt, shorts and arrangement of fins/gills from the comics.
      Really enjoyed drawing and colouring him!