Monday, 14 October 2013

Spider-Man vs Jeff Hardy - Watercolour Commission

Aside from the Themed Portrait commissions I've been getting in, there have been the odd request for something completely different, this post is about one such request!

A short while ago I was asked wether I might create an illustration to the theme of Wrestlers verses Marvel Superheroes! I was given complete free reign as to which characters to use, how they'd be fighting, everything! So thinking this could be great fun I gladly accepted! 

So I chose a pair if evenly matched rivals. In the blue corner we have Mr Swanton Bomb himself, Jeff Hardy! And in the red corner, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!
This is what I came up with,

After some rough thumbnails to work out composition and pose I worked up a full size pencil sketch, refining everything and working out the lighting.

As the final illustration was to be watercoloured I next worked up a few colour concepts to experiment with lighting once more and colour. Once I settled on a colour scheme I liked best, I used a lightbox to trace the developed pencil sketch onto watercolour paper and stretched it up onto my art board.

And here we have the finished thing!

Considering I haven't used watercolours in a good long time (and was actually quite nervous about doing so) I am very pleased with the job I did here! I feel despite the lighthearted nature of this commission it has been very beneficial for me in re-kindling my fondness for watercolour, I'll certainly aim to work in this medium a bit more in the future!

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